Isn’t IEA’s Fossil Fuel projections too optimistic International Energy Agency (IEA) is the world’s premier source of global energy trends and forecasts. Its predictions and estimates are universally used by policy makers, company CEOs and investors to make plans regarding the future trajectory of energy demand and prices. However the institute has been failing to […]

My view on Solar project prices in India The Indian central electricity regulator generally publishes solar electricity reference prices each year, based on equipment and financing costs with reasonable equity returns. During the last year prices for solar PV were around INR 6/kWh, with a total equipment cost of INR 6 crores/ MW. However current […]

Indian Rooftop Budget increases by 730% India has finally started to put money into providing support for rooftop solar energy, where it has set a very ambitious target of 40000 MW by 2022 from around 500 MW now. While the grid connected target for solar energy of 60,000 MW looks well within reach, with almost […]

The solar industry has been a brutal one for manufacturing companies in the last 4-5 years, as increased competition has led to a vertical drop in prices. Even as demand elasticity kicked in driving up global demand in the high double digits, supply increased at a faster rate as more and more companies entered the […]

Google’s New Solar Technology Google has been one of the most innovative companies in the world, pouring billions of dollars into projects which seem farfetched such as self-driving cars, virtual reality glasses etc. The company has also been one of the pioneers in investing in renewable energy, investing billions of dollars in building solar and […]

AP – Leading Solar State in India The southern state of Andhra Pradesh has become the leading solar state, with massive capacity expansion being planned by the state. The new government being led by the reformist Chandra Babu Naidu has made solar energy the center of its power policy, similar to what is being done […]