Sunpower to Reduce Total Manufacturing Capacity to 1-1.5 GW Sunpower is one of the largest solar cell and module manufacturers in the world and one of the few remaining Western solar manufacturers. This company has survived a couple of major industry downturns, despite its costs being higher than the a typical solar panel made by a […]

Chinese Reduce Their Solar Target The Chinese solar market demand has become the biggest factor behind the fortunes of the global solar manufacturing industry. Most of the manufacturing takes place in China, so it is fitting that the Chinese market determines the fate of the solar manufacturing industry. However, the Chinese market has seen a […]

Solar On CST Railway Station India has taken up a mammoth task to install a 100 GW of solar power to eradicate its power problems. In this regard various policies, subsidies and schemes have been enacted by the central government. The states are also doing their bit in promoting solar usage.  A large portion of […]

More and More Indian Villages are Now Becoming Energy-Independent Located at the foot of Ayodhya hills, in the Purulia district of West Bengal, Pandri was the first village in India to be illuminated using solar energy. We at Greenworldinvestor have always about the benefits of using solar power especially over fossil fuel. A large population […]

India is Wasting Money On Expensive European Technology India has made a new offshore wind energy policy which aims at having a working offshore wind farm in the next 5 years. The country has also appointed European consultants for wind resource assessment and developing a plan for offshore wind potential. In my view, offshore wind […]

Solar Rooftop India Prices Solar rooftop has been the ugly baby of India’s renewable energy industry. Despite tall promises made by the Indian government to install gigawatts of rooftop solar, the sad fact is that only 1 GW of solar on rooftop have been installed till date. Though the growth has been clocked at 100%, […]