GCL acquires SunEdison’s Poly Assets Polysilicon and wafer giant GCL Poly has made an extremely smart move by buying up SunEdison’s polysilicon assets and its poly and wafer technology for a bargain price of just $150 million. GCL is already the planet’s largest producer of polysilicon and wafers with a more than 30% global marketshare. […]

Indian Farmers to benefit from Solar energy In another major initiative announced by the Modi Government in India, the Indian farmers are set to leverage from the solar power in a way to double their revenues. The central government has not only set a target to install 100 GW of solar power, but also doubling […]

Europe’s Minimum Panel Import Price redundant now The European Commission had struck a deal with the Chinese government in 2012-13, to set a fixed minimum import price for solar panels to protect its domestic solar manufacturing industry from the cheap solar panel producers in China. The minimum price was set at 56 eurocents/watt, which was […]

Indian domestic solar manufacturing industry Indian solar manufacturing industry has a lot of module capacity (more than 5000 MW) and cell capacity (more than 2000 MW) compared to the current size of the Indian market, however most of it lies idle due to a lack of cost competitiveness and outdated technology. Most of the capacity […]

Wind Energy USA Wind energy prices in the USA have crashed to a 2 cents/kWh in recent PPAs signed in 2015, with more than 8.9 GW of wind capacity being installed. While this price also includes the federal tax incentive credit and some state incentives, nonetheless the price is spectacularly low and is lower than […]

NTPC to invest $70 B in RE in India India’s state owned power generation company NTPC has the largest power generation capacity in the country, with more than 47 GW of power plants running all over the country. It is profitable relatively well run power producer that gives good profits and manages to operate efficiently. […]