A Loss for India again at WTO In another round with USA, India lost its case with the WTO, wherein the latter had appealed against USA’s complaint over the Indian domestic content requirement (DCR) provisions. It is imperative for the world to realize the fact that India needs to cut down its thermal generations, to […]

We all have been hearing that India is set to achieve its 100 GW solar installation target by 2022 on one hand, and the problems that India is facing that makes the whole estimation sound weird. Well half of the year has already gone by and it is time to have a little check on […]

Comparing Q2’16 Performance of Solar Companies The solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds all around the globe. Now a days it is common to see solar panel installations anywhere you go. There have been advancements not only in efficiencies, but also in technology and the prices are also decreasing over the time. Half […]

The sun is the most important source of heat and light in the universe. During primitive times, the sun was solely used for its heat and light for all day to day activities, when there was no electricity. With increased usage of fossil fuel and thermal electricity, there is now a risk of global warming. […]

Integrated Solar Roofing System While rooftop is catching flare all around the globe, we have a new technology that integrates solar into the roof of your house increasing the home aesthetic. This option is available in various colors too. According to Forward Labs, this technological innovation can be simply put as “solar and roofing as […]

Solar Energy to now enter the spiritual world Spirituality is defined as the oneness of mind, with the breath and body and India is regarded as the land of the spiritual gurus. You would be thinking why I am talking about all this here. India with its ambitious target of achieving 100 GW of solar […]