Foxbots in China Last year Foxconn chairman had said that he would use 1 million robots to replace most of the workers in his numerous factories in China. Foxconn which is one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world supplying to all the top brands such as Apple, HP etc. is also one of […]

Rooftop Solar slows down in India For anyone who has dealt with lower level government officials in India, the sloth and corruption prevalent amongst these employees is a fact of life. Giving bribes is expected and everyone takes it for granted. In these conditions, growing rooftop solar which requires cooperation and a multitude of approvals […]

Pod Taxis – India India is slowly but steadily turning towards energy efficiency. After its massive target to install 100 GW of solar power by 2022, the country is now looking at running pod taxis. The vehicles in India are the largest source of harmful gaseous emissions and also cause huge traffic problem. The country […]

JSW Energy is one of India’s largest private power producers and is part of the Jindal owned JSW conglomerate. The company has been fortunate not to get into the problems being faced by the rest of the Indian power industry, as it did not build gas power plants or bid for large thermal power plants. […]

Recently, the news flow has not been good form the Indian solar sector with a couple of states like Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu reportedly not buying solar power from running plants and instead opting for much cheaper power from the energy exchanges. This has really rattled some of the major investors and developers of solar […]

Firing in the Solar Industry Solar panel prices have crashed to 40 cents/watt internationally and even lower prices in some places. For example in India you can get a solar panel at 36 cents/watt. This is a huge and massive cut and have led the margins of even the largest players come down to a […]