1GW solar rooftops installed in India Finally India crosses the 1 GW mark in the rooftop solar segment. The country has set up an ambitious target to install 40 GW by 2022, and thus has a long distance to cover to reach the mark. India is a hot country with good amount of solar isolation […]

$3.1 billion fund to aid Solar Manufacturing in India We at Greenworldinvestor have been covering solar development in India since some time now. The country has come a long way by raising its solar installation target to 100 GW by 2022. PM Modi has been playing an instrumental dream helping India realize its dreams. However […]

Transmission free in India? The Indian power sector has seen some peculiar situations in the last one year with many states turning power surplus for the first time in their history. This has caused some unique problems with distribution utilities in these states refusing to buy power from the renewable energy power plants set up […]

Solar powered Trains in India India‚Äôs love affair with solar power is reaching absurd levels with the Railways Minister announcing that Indian trains will run on solar power. With a guard van running on solar power (for lights, fans etc.), the Minister has said that trains in the future will be powered by solar power. […]

The solar industry has confounded analysts and market researches for a long time now as the prices have fallen each year much faster than expected. The Chinese economic system has been the biggest factor as large companies keep running year after year without making a single dollar of profit. Huge subsidies by the government in […]

New $5B Solar Thermal plant in California For many years, we at Greenworldinvestor have forecasted the demise of the solar thermal technology and sure enough all the major startups in the solar thermal energy got bankrupt one by one. With the technology getting slaughtered by the rapid development of the solar PV technology whose costs […]