Is Coal India going Solar Coal India is a gigantic parasite of the Indian economy in my view. The company which has a monopoloy over mining of coal in India, is one of the most inefficient and corrupt enterprises out there. However, its huge scale and manpower makes it impossible for the government to rationalize […]

Renesola forecasts 10% GM The Chinese overcapacity  has made even the top Chinese solar players run for cover, given the disastrous decline in prices across the solar supply chain. Renesola (NYSE:SOL) said that it foresess a 20% decline in solar panel and wafer prices in Q3 of 2016, as compared to the first half of […]

State of Indian Solar Manufacturing The Indian solar manufacturing industry is a heavily fragmented and uncompetitive one. Its costs and price are typically 15-20% more than the imported Chinese solar panels. The only reason why producers are afloat is because of the DCR (domestic content requirement) in some of the government tenders. While the cell […]

Importance of Government subsidies in Solar Industry The solar industry has been flourishing around the world – thanks to its green nature and falling tariffs. The government incentives too have played a major role in promoting solar power globally. The governments in the key markets of USA, China, Japan, India have been pro solar, which […]

GCL acquires SunEdison’s Poly Assets Polysilicon and wafer giant GCL Poly has made an extremely smart move by buying up SunEdison’s polysilicon assets and its poly and wafer technology for a bargain price of just $150 million. GCL is already the planet’s largest producer of polysilicon and wafers with a more than 30% global marketshare. […]

Indian Farmers to benefit from Solar energy In another major initiative announced by the Modi Government in India, the Indian farmers are set to leverage from the solar power in a way to double their revenues. The central government has not only set a target to install 100 GW of solar power, but also doubling […]