Renewable Purchase Obligation & Renewable Energy Certificate – India India has implemented a Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) for major power users, but the plan remains only on paper. The Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) framework which has been developed in order to allow the implementation of the RPO policy has not worked out. Most of the […]

Taxes on Solar Products in India Solar industry being a green industry with strong support being received from the central and state governments, receives a wide variety of exemptions from state and central taxes and duties. Customs and excise duty is waived, though it is more than 25% plus for electronics imports. The state government […]

Solar Parks in India to double allocation The Indian government has not been very successful in pushing rooftop solar, despite enacting numerous policies and subsidies for pushing the growth of this segment. Most of the policies have fallen flat, as numerous regulatory and practical bottlenecks have not allowed rooftop solar to grow at the same […]

Community Solar For customers wanting to enjoy solar power, yet not having the bandwidth to install solar systems, community solar is the answer. Community solar as the name suggests, entails installing solar panels together as a community and reaping its benefits. A community solar program can be broadly classified into two categories: i)Utility owned – […]

India Solar Energy Zones The Indian government has been coming up with a number of policies and initiatives to boost the solar energy capacity in the country. While some have succeeded (reverse auction tenders for grid utility projects) some have failed such as the promotion of rooftop solar through subsidies. The super large solar power […]