Solar Car by Hanergy Hanergy Holding Co, a leading thin film solar panel manufacturer recently launched four solar cars. The USP of these cars is that it does not require to be stuck at charging points to get fully charged. These cars are self-sufficient and can be self charged by using the energy from the […]

Solar panel Prices Solar panel prices have come under pressure in the last couple of months, with the revision in the feed in tariffs for solar projects in China. China has become the biggest demand source for solar panels accounting for 30% of the global demand. While other countries continue to be a stable market […]

India has tendered a massive amount of solar capacity in the last one year, with intense competition leading to very low tariffs being bid. Many of these projects are finding it difficult to get financed, as the risks are high compared to the bids that have been put by developers to build a large portfolio. […]

Solar and Wind mixed use Farms policy in India While most of the large countries have separate polices for the development of wind and solar resources in the country now, there is no country which has a policy to promote the development of a hybrid solar wind mixed use farms. India has an ambitious target […]