Transmission Problems in Solar Energy Solar power generation has grown at an exponential pace in the last few years and is still growing strongly, as prices have started to equal that of fossil fuels. Given the quick installation of a solar plant and the lack of any environmental or pollution issues, solar energy is becoming […]

Low Solar prices in Rajasthan When low solar prices were bid in Madhya Pradesh (central India) last year, everyone was taken by surprise that a developer could afford to bid as low as INR 5/kWh (around 7 cents) . Everyone thought that this was a flash in the pan and would be just be seen […]

Smart Cities in India In January 2016, the Indian government announced a list of 20 cities to be developed into smart cities in India. Today’s era comprises of everything that is smart – be it smartphones, smart people or the concept of smart city. Basically a smart city is an advanced urban city/ town that […]

Solar Technology is improving The solar technology has been improving with each passing year. Not only has there been an improvement in efficiency levels, but the costs are also coming down. Large solar companies have been successful in considerably reducing their production cost per watt. Economies to scale and grid parity have started to be […]

We at Greenworldinvestor have touted the benefits of going solar time and again. Solar energy have come a long way in terms of cost and efficiency and have also become economical in some places around the world. Solar installations can be broadly classified into large scale ground mounted solar installations and rooftop installations. We have […]

Global Transport & Climate Change Global Transport unsurprisingly is a prominent contributor to global emissions and pollution. The majority consists of the movement of cars and light-duty trucks, and the remaining from trains, ships, airplanes among other vehicles. The majority of greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions are the result of the combustion of petroleum based […]