No new Power Plants required in India It really feels weird to learn that India will be a power surplus country in the years to come. India will not require power plants any more for the next three years to come, when we are so accustomed to hear that India suffers from huge power blackouts […]

Micro and Mini Grids in India In a Mini or micro grid solar panels are connected with batteries and power is supplied to a village where the per capita requirement is quite low. It is generally common to see them in rural parts. A mini grid is 10 KW or more, whereas a microgrid is […]

Rooftop Solar Panels in India India’s solar rooftop market is set to explode in the coming years. The cost-effectiveness of solar power, rising electricity bills, and the high cost of land in India are all propelling rooftop growth in India. The Indian capital city New Delhi alone has the potential to install 2 GW of […]

Solar in India is a booming story, but how do we productise Solar as an Investment stream to optimise the Consumer’s take up? One would be for own consumption where the user – a house or a small commercial establishment that installs an off-grid rooftop. The positioning of such a product would deal with the financial return […]

How to deal with a PV system on Fire Today while I was going through a social media website, I saw someone post pictures of solar thin film installations without proper gear for workers in India. This led me thinking about the safety measures to exercise when dealing with solar systems, especially when there is […]

Jinko Solar Q1’16 GM at more than 21% Jinko Solar (NYSE:JKS) is one of the lowest cost manufacturers of solar panels in China. The company is vertically integrated across the entire solar product supply chain and also has a decent presence in the downstream project business. Jinko Solar is amongst my favourite solar stocks since […]