Indosolar Solar Panels Review Headquartered in Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh since 2005, the company manufactures solar cells and modules. Currently the manufacturing capacity is 450 MW, with an average efficiency between 16-17% for panels. The company is the largest domestic manufacturer of solar cells in India and produces high quality cells and modules. It manufactures […]

Components of a Rooftop Solar System A rooftop solar system comprises of: a) Solar Panels/ Modules – The most important component of a rooftop system are solar panels. They are the nucleus of the system and everything revolves around them. Solar modules comprise almost 50% of the total cost of the system. Different types of […]

Indian Solar Price reaches INR 5/kWh The whole world took notice when India solar auctions saw new low in prices of 6 cents, which was new low benchmark. This was especially surprising given the high cost of capital in India, which is around 12% for debt. Despite having record low global equipment cost, the high […]

Solar Mini Grids in India Solar mini grids have been much talked about, as the answer to the electricity access problems of India’s more than 300 million rural poor. With all the talk about India’s high GDP growth rate, it is conveniently forgotten that India has one of the largest population of poor people in […]

First Wind Energy Auction in India The Indian government has promoted wind and solar energy in the country through radically different business models. Wind energy growth in India has mainly taken place through well-defined feed in tariffs given in different states, along with central fiscal incentives such as accelerated depreciation and generation based incentives. Wind […]

Adani Group – Largest Solar Player in India One of the biggest advantages and value add of a blog over the mainstream media is that you can write the truth, instead of playing it safe and not antagonizing powerful people and entities. In India there are lot of things which are never written down on […]