Roofs for Rooftop Solar installation Planning to install a rooftop solar system? The most important thing to consider whether you have the appropriate roof that can support the PV system and what kind of roofs can be utilised for the installation. A clear well-lit roof is a prerequisite for installing a rooftop solar PV system. […]

More Power from the Solar Road Solar Roads Yes you heard it right. The world’s first solar road was built in Netherlands and went live in 2015, generating 70kWh of energy per square meter annually. This 230 foot “SolaRoad” as it is popularly called, is made up of two layered safety glass solar cells and […]

  What is Achievement Linked Incentive Scheme Achievement linked incentive scheme was launched by the MNRE in May 2016 that promises an incentive on the total project cost, in case the full target is achieved. It is like a bonus paid from an employer to an employee, in case he achieves his targets. The Indian […]

GCL Poly Solar Panels The world’s largest solar polysilicon and wafer maker is GCL Poly, with 70,000 tons of poly and 14 GW of wafer capacity. The company extended its dominance in solar module and cell manufacturing by acquiring a controlling stake in Chaori Solar after Chaori Solar underwent the first bond default in China. GCL-New […]

Solar Conversion Kits in India In my post yesterday, I discussed about the best solar inverters to use for rooftop installation in India which made me to think what if I already have an inverter. Can’t I use it on my rooftop solar system to save costs? Remember solar inverter constitute approximately 25-30% of the […]

Solar Inverters for Residential Rooftops – India Solar inverters form a major and an essential component of the rooftop solar system. The solar inverters have today evolved from being more than mere boxes, to become more smart and intelligent. The main function of an inverter is to convert direct current into alternating current that help […]