The Story of a Devotional Student! We all grow up in different environments and have a different mindset. The family and its values play a major role in shaping our personality. Today’s story is about a student none other than myself and my sweet take on Weird Life! I grew up in a very religious […]

For all ice cream lovers in India there is a good news, Mr. Mahesh Rathi is working towards promoting a technology that will allow you to enjoy a perfect ice cream on a hot summer day He has developed a solar powered ice cream kart, which allows the ice cream to be in its original […]

Punjab credited with World’s Largest Solar Rooftop Plant The Indian agriculture state of Punjab has been making rounds in the media, for installing world’s largest rooftop solar power plant as per the Punjab Government. With this Punjab will now produce 470MW of renewable energy, from just 9MW in 2012 – more than 50 times increase […]

Jinko Solar is a Good Buy Jinko Solar (NYSE:JKS) has been one of my most favorite Chinese solar stocks. The company has been successfully reducing its in-house cost of production each quarter and delivering double digit gross margin since the last four quarters. Jinko Solar has been increasing its presence in strategic solar markets across […]

There are some interesting economic developments happening in India. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), cut interest rates by 125 basis points during the last year, while the Nikkie India manufacturing PMI index showed a sharp increase to 52.4. There was a sharp rise in new orders, as the manufacturing index rose to an eight month […]

Investing in Solar Industry Today Solar installations in USA is growing fast, with IHS predicting 15GW of USA solar installations in 2016. Even during the last year, USA achieved a record 7.3 GW installations. This is enough to power more than 5 million homes. Developing countries like India is also targeting to achieve 100 GW […]