1366 Technologies to ramp up Wafer Manufacturing Crystalline silicon technology has taken over the solar industry decimating other technologies such as CIGs, a-Si, solar thermal technology etc. Other technologies have become niche ones with a limited market and a limited number of players. Crsytalline silicon technology has also seen its supply chain get standardized with […]

Indian IT Industry disappoint Youth in India I don’t think it will be an overstatement to say that the Indian IT industry has become the biggest source of decent paying white collar jobs for India’s vast army of engineers. It was the biggest gateway to Indian middle class people who could manage an engineering education, […]

Total to acquire Saft While most large oil and gas majors such as BP and Shell have abandoned their solar energy plans, French giant Total has been expanding its solar play. It bought Sunpower a few years ago to a make a big entry into the solar power sector. It has been helping Sunpower expand […]

Solar Rooftop – Karnataka India’s southern state of Karnataka had come out with very attractive feed in tariffs for rooftop solar projects, offering more than 13 cents/kWh for rooftop solar projects. This has made the IRR very high, given the low equipment and project installation costs of solar projects in India. The INR 9.56/kWh tariff […]

Solar-powered Garden/ Outdoor Lights in India Solar energy is getting popular each day and is increasingly finding applications in all spheres of life. I have already written a lot about various solar products including solar panels, solar inverters, solar chargers, solar water pumps, etc. Today I would like to write about these solar products that […]

Update on Google Sunroof Google Sunroof project is rapidly gaining traction in the US market, having reached 20 US metro markets in January 2016, from merely 3 cities when launched in August 2015. Currently the project has expanded to reach 42 states, with the aim of reaching all 50 states in the near future. Google […]