Solar Tree The world needs more trees. Yes during the times of increasing pollution and global warming, the globe needs more and more trees to be planted. Not only the normal trees but also solar trees. You heard it right – A Solar Tree! Scientists at the CSIR laboratory in West Bengal have planted a […]

Problems faced on selling Indian Solar Projects A new concern that is creeping in the Indian solar market is the absence of adequate number of investors for solar projects. After the expiry of initial lock-in period (a tender specified period in which one cannot sell projects), many solar projects are now free for sale in […]

MBA in India earn less than $2K a year India’s largest young workforce is considered to be one of the biggest advantages for the Indian economy. It is expected that even as the workforces in developed countries are ageing, India will continue to see millions of workers entering the workforce every year. However, given the […]

Irrational Solar bidding in India Concerns have been raised numerous times over the irrational bids made during Indian solar power auctions. Despite high fund costs, power offtaker and currency risks, Indian solar power has seen new record lows of below INR 5/kWh. This has led to questions about the long term sustainability of the sector […]

English Words without English Origin The world is like a rainbow, with different people and cultures. However it is connected at some level. Music connects people from different facets of life and so does language. We often listen to words in a particular dialect bearing some similarity with words from another dialect. Even in the […]

Will Hanergy explode now We at Greenworldinvestor have repeatedly pointed out the absurdity of the multibillion dollar valuation being given to Hanergy, by the HK stock market. The high valuation given to Hanergy’s stock made no sense and after an investigation by the HK authorities the stock was suspended. Hanergy had in the past acquired […]