Air Purifiers on high demand in India Metro cities like New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai in India are much polluted. According to a survey by WHO, 13 out of the 20 worst polluted cities in the world were the Indian cities. With increasing urbanization and industrialization, the country is witnessing high levels of pollution, which […]

Top Chinese Solar Companies Performance – 2015 As FY2015 comes to an end, and most of the solar companies have declared their full year results, let us assess their performances. I will concentrate on teh Chinese solar companies now. Some of my favorite Chinese solar stcosks are Trina Solar (TSL), Jinko Solar (JKS), CanadianSolar (CSIQ), […]

Coal Tax in India While India has not given up its right to develop large new electricity power capacities using coal, the government is consistently increasing the cost of this power using a clean cess. The coal tax which started 2 years ago at Rs.100/  ton ($1.5 ton) was first doubled last year to $3/ton. […]

USA, China and India to be big solar markets in 2016 With the new year starting, global solar forecasts are coming in thick and fast. Forecasts have remained highly unpredictable as this disruptive technology has seen costs coming down much faster than expectations, leading to greater demand. 2015 ended with 59 GW making it another […]

New Chinese Development Bank for Solar The new Chinese development bank which has been set up as a competitor to Western dominated IMF and World Bank, plans to focus on lending to the solar sector in India as a first step, beside others green sectors such as the water sector. The BRICS bank is a […]

The Chinese have not only killed a once flourishing European solar industry through sheer economics of scale, cheap costs and government support, but have also bought numerous bankrupt European companies which have shut down production lines. Even South Koreans had taken advantage of this distress, with Hanwha industrial group buying erstwhile German solar leader Q-Cells […]