Solarworld might face bankruptcy Solarworld which has been the main instigator of protectionist policies by USA and Europe against the import of Chinese made solar products, is facing a death inducing lawsuit from a polysilicon supplier. What is ironic is that this action may be due to the fact that the polysilicon supplier Hemlock, is […]

India suffers from lack of good windy sites One of the biggest problems for the India’s wind energy sector is the paucity of good windy sites for locating the wind farms. Most of the good locations have already been used up and finding a new site is a major problem for wind energy developers. In […]

China’s Industrial Overcapacity The Chinese economy always had a huge problem of industrial overcapacity, due to the state directed policies and central planning. Artificial suppression of interest rates had allowed companies to fund themselves using cheap loans. This has led to a situation of chronic overcapacity in a number of industries such as steel, coal, […]

Spain’s Solar Policy Spanish policy towards solar energy has been hostile over the last 5 years, after a solar boom in 2008 led to a massive bust. The large subsidies given during the solar boom led to a ballooning of the country’s deficit, leading to a retroactive cut in those feed in tariffs. This led […]

Ease of doing solar business in India India stood 142nd in the Ease of Doing Business ranking in 2015, compiled by the World Bank. The country is currently blowing horns on all fronts about its ambitious solar plans. Indeed the country is doing really well to achieve its targets, with 2GW already installed in 2015. […]

Solar Growth in India – 2016 & 2017 Solar power in India is set to double to 4-5 GW in 2016, from around 2 GW in 2015 as the market heats up due to government’s strong intent to achieve the 100 GW solar target. Even as other infrastructure and power sectors remain moribund, the solar […]