China – Solar Energy China has seen a huge surge of solar energy installations in 2016 which has never been seen before in the history of solar booms in the world. A massive 20 GW of solar energy capacity was put in the first half of 2016 as attractive feed in tariffs made solar developers […]

India’s Renewable Energy Target The Indian government has set an extremely stretch target of 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022 up form around 40 GW now. This means a quadrupling of the installed cumulative green energy capacity in the country over the next 6 years. A lot of the analysts have been sceptical […]

Solar Trackers To Become $5 Billion Annual Market Solar Trackers have become a mainstream technology which is increasingly being used in grid scale solar panel plants. The costs have come down drastically due to an improvement in technology and growing competition. A large number of vendors have entered this area attracted by the huge growth […]

  China just stuns your mind with the large numbers that are bandied about. The country has one of the largest coal power capacity in the world with 895 GW of capacity existing around China. However, most of the capacity lies idle as power growth has decreased to just 3% from the around 10% earlier. […]

 Why Polysilicon Producers Are Facing Issues The whole solar supply chain has been hit in the last few months as overcapacity and lower demand has formed a deadly cocktail for the industry.  As per Bernreuter Research, the industry saw a huge increase in capacity to more than 350,000 tons in 2015 growing almost by 15% […]

Now Indian Wind Market To Welcome International Companies The Indian wind turbine manufacturers have had an easy time in India unlike their solar manufacturing friends. Companies like Suzlon and Inox have happily got themselves to be a part of a licensing committee which approves every wind turbine that can be used in the Indian wind […]