$2 billion Equity Fund for RE in India We at Greenworldinvestor had recently highlighted the problems being faced by the Indian solar industry in getting equity to fund solar projects. With the Indian capacity at 8 GW and the target at 100 GW, massive amounts of solar capacity needs to be added. Solar being a capital […]

Falling Sales for Solar Companies in China China remains the biggest driver for renewable energy demand whether it is solar or wind energy. China installed a gargantuan 30 GW of wind energy and over 15 GW of solar energy in 2015 making it by far the largest installer of renewable energy capacity in the world. […]

First Solar not launching Series 5 Solar panel prices have crashed by around 30% globally in 2016 which has made every major producer rethink their strategy with respect to expansion and growth. Many of the solar stocks have seen their prices fall by 40-80% in 2016, as a massively oversupplied market has resulted in prices […]

Suzlon Solar Strategy Suzlon which is India’s largest wind turbine manufacturer entered the solar space last year. The company is using its expertise in wind farm development to get into the development of solar farms. It has built huge expertise over the years in EPC and the power markets. It has good relationships with regulators […]

Solar Rooftop Financing In India While a lot has been said about the debt financing needs of India’s rapidly growing solar industry, little has been said about the equity financing needs which is also a huge amount. Assuming that building out 100 GW of solar capacity will need around $100 billion in total capital, the […]

Solarworld headed towards Bankruptcy Solarworld the German firm which used to be one of the largest solar panel producers in 2008 has become a shadow of its former self. While many of its peers have gone bankrupt (Q-Cells) or been bought over by Asian companies (REC), Solarworld continues in its merry ways of destroying value […]