Income Inequality will increase with Automation We are Greenworldinvestor have been warning that India sits on a powder keg of a massive employement crisis, as more than 1 million workers join India every month from the huge ranks of its youth. India is being hard pressed to retain jobs of its existing workers given the […]

Will India achieve it Solar target? India is going all gung-ho about solar power in the country. After its decision to install an aggressive 100 GW of solar energy by 2022, the country has been working in all directions. Various states in India like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu have already installed more than 1 […]

Another Corruption/ Fraudulent story in India India is home to most of the outsourcing services in the world with Indian BPOs providing voice and other customer related services to most MNCs based in the West. Some of the call centres are now becoming institutionalized fraud centres with their owners hiring people to defraud innocent people […]

The march of Technological Giants against humanity Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Uber etc. are not only growing rapidly but also expanding into a diverse number of areas, which have no relation to technology. These companies have become so large and dominant that their power is now being felt by not only USA citizens, but […]

Foxbots in China Last year Foxconn chairman had said that he would use 1 million robots to replace most of the workers in his numerous factories in China. Foxconn which is one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world supplying to all the top brands such as Apple, HP etc. is also one of […]

Rooftop Solar slows down in India For anyone who has dealt with lower level government officials in India, the sloth and corruption prevalent amongst these employees is a fact of life. Giving bribes is expected and everyone takes it for granted. In these conditions, growing rooftop solar which requires cooperation and a multitude of approvals […]