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Happy Dhanteras! Time to buy Gold again!!

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Buy Gold in India Online

Diwali is an auspicious time for buying gold in India. Goddess Lakshmi is considered as the symbol of wealth and Hindus worship her on Diwali asking for her blessings and prosperity. It is believed that buying gold during this time of the year would bring wealth and prosperity for oneself. Earlier people used to line up at jeweler’s stores to buy gold but with advent in technology, you can order hallmarked gold from the comfort of your own house too. Sounds tempting!!


Amazon is offering a Dhanteras sale to avail the best prices for gold. Currently gold is near ~INR 30,000 for 10 grams. You can buy gold in various forms eg. gold coin, biscuit, jewellery etc. Many people also buy silver on this auspicious day. If you are buying gold as an investment, you should be careful about the making charge. Make sure you end up paying more for the gold rather than making charges. Also be aware of buying genuine products – check for the hallmark sign and weight etc.

Gold is regarded as a safe investment class and many people prefer to buy gold to add diversification to their investment portfolio. The value of gold generally appreciates and does not fluctuate as share prices/ stock market.

Buy Gold Coins

Gold coins are available in different denominations, ranging from 1 gram or less to more than 10 grams. You can choose depending upon your requirement.

Click here to buy 2 gms 24 K gold coin. You can also look at 5 gms 24K gold coin. For a 20 gm gold coin you have to shell out more than INR 60K. In addition you can also avail a 15% cashback if using State Bank of India’s credit or debit card. There is always a concern of genuineness when buying precious metals. However Amazon is offering hallmarked products, certified jewellery which are 100% original. Even then if you have a concern there are easy return options available. Similarly you can buy various denominations of gold biscuits.

Gold coins bars

Similarly you can also buy jewellery at attractive discounts currently, for the festive season. There are a lot of good brands that have tied up with ecommerce sellers to grant us the experience of peaceful buying from our homes/ offices. There are a lot of beautiful designs available in bangles, necklaces, rings etc. to chose from.

You can also look at buying silver coins or silver ware.

There are a lot of readers who would not prefer buying gold in a physical form. There are many options for you too. You can buy Government gold bonds, whose value would appreciate as the value of physical gold goes up. In addition you would also be entitled to an interest on your bonds. Win-win situation! Then there are gold ETFs and silver ETFs available too.

Once again wishing you a Happy Diwali and Happy Gold shopping :)


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