Suzlon has been making a royal song and dance about getting into the solar industry in India. The company which is one of the world’s biggest maker of wind turbines and is a large wind farm developer in India had fallen into hard times. Its massive debt burden had pushed the company into the brink […]

The Indian power minister Piyush Goel has been trying to structurally reform India’s electricity sector by recently introducing the UDAY scheme, in which India’s Achilles heel would be reformed. The distribution companies which owe billions of dollars to Indian government banks and the power financing corporations, have been set on a path to profitability. One […]

Solar Expansion plans in India Indian companies are aggressively expanding into the solar manufacturing space, as India is all set to become the 4th largest market in the next 2 years for solar panels. While existing players are expanding their existing lines, some new companies are trying to enter the area in JV with foreign […]

Solar Panel Industry – South Korea The South Korean conglomerates LG, Hyundai and Samsung, all entered the solar cell and panel manufacturing space during 2010-11 when the whole solar industry was seeing a massive boom in demand with stable pricing. These companies are present in a wide range of industries such as electronics, shipbuilding, financing […]

The utility industry is locked in a life and death batter with the solar industry across USA, as the solar industry slowly and steadily erodes away the monopoly of the utilities by supplying electricity through solar panels. The utilities have been fighting back by petitioning state electricity regulators (PUC) to lower the tariff paid to […]

Yingli Solar Energy has been decimated by its massive debt burden, where most of its earnings are going to service the interest on its debt. The company which is still amongst the ten largest solar panel manufacturers in the world has repeatedly cut down its shipment forecast for 2015, as it faced working capital issues. […]