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India now calls upon the Spiritual Gurus to take the “Energy Leap of Faith”

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Solar Energy to now enter the spiritual world

Spirituality is defined as the oneness of mind, with the breath and body and India is regarded as the land of the spiritual gurus. You would be thinking whyaol-ashram I am talking about all this here. India with its ambitious target of achieving 100 GW of solar power by 2022, has now approached the spiritual gurus in India to demonstrate solar power in their ashrams.

There are a large number of ashrams in India attracting a lot of national as well as international population, seeking spiritual goodness and peace of mind today. According to Upendra Tripathi, the new and renewable energy secretary even if there is a commitment of 1 MW of solar capacity from each ashram that could be a great step towards the country’s solar target.

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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of The Art of Living, Bangalore India had launched the International Interfaith Solar Alliance during the World Culture Festival held in March in Delhi 2016. It was a major step taken in this regard. Another spiritual center the Radha Soami Dera, in Amritsar became the world’s largest single rooftop solar plant. This plant is spread across 82 acres and has the capacity to produce 19.5 MW electricity, enough to meet the needs of 8,000 households.


India houses some of the finest meditation and yoga centres in the world. Some of the popular ones are Art of living Ashram in Bangalore, Osho ashram in Pune, Sathya Sai Baba Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram etc. These ashrams are spread across vast acres of land and can easily install solar panels to meet their power requirement. The excess power generated can also be fed to the grid. Even the smaller ashrams can use solar power to reduce their power bills.

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Installing solar panels at these centers should be an ideal way to demonstrate the advantages of using solar power, to people coming from all walks of life from across the globe. Not only will this advertise solar installations, but also go a long way in convincing people to install solar power on their residential and commercial establishments.

According to new and renewable energy secretary Upendra Tripathi, the gurus will act as spiritual partners of International Solar Alliance, a global grouping of over 100 ‘sunshine countries’ between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn that was launched by PM Modi at the Paris climate summit last December.

Source: TOI

I think it is a good initiative by the Indian government, since a lot of people visit these ashrams. I am sure people will be motivated to see solar panels installations at the places they seek solace. Moreover, it will also help these centers reduce their dependency on the grid and reduce their power cost.


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