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Could Hanergy shine with its Solar Powered Car

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Solar Car by Hanergy

Hanergy Holding Co, a leading thin film solar panel manufacturer recently launched four solar cars. The USP of these cars is that it does not require to be stuck at charging points to get fully charged. These cars are self-sufficient and can be self charged by using the energy from the sun. The company recently announced a record breaking 31.6% conversion rate for its gallium arsenide (GaAs) dual-junction solar cells, which are integrated into these solar powered cars. This conversion rate is expected to go up to 42% by 2025. Hanergy Solar R, Hanergy Solar O, Hanergy Solar L and Hanergy Solar A are the different solar cars suited for different customers that was launched by the company in Beijing on July 2nd.

Not only are these cars light weight, but also do not require any charge for medium to short term journeys, which means they keep on charging while on the go under the sun. These cars also have in-built maintenance programs for the cleaning of the solar cells. The users can choose different charging modes depending on the weather, through their mobile apps. These cars can generate 8-10 kWh per day equivalent to a 80 km run, with just 5-6 hours of sunlight. This is a major plus for solar cars as they will no longer be dependent upon charging points as is the case with the traditional or electric vehicles. However if there is weak sunlight, the lithium batteries in the vehicles can be charged at any charging station.

solar carHanergy’s Solar Car

The thin film solar company has always been in news, on account of its inflated valuation numbers. We have always pointed out the absurdity of the multibillion dollar valuation being given to Hanergy, by the HK stock market. The trading was also suspended last year, and the stock was removed from Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme too. The company was accused of shown large revenues and orders by selling thin film equipment to other Chinese companies, many of which were related parties. We hope this car lends the much needed dimension to the leading thin film manufacturer. While it is still very new to comment on, these cars really need to prove themselves on road.

These cars are expected to run commercially in another three years’ time. The solar cells are spread across 3.5-7.5 square meters on the cars. If these solar powered cars are what it is said and is capable of achieving what it claims, it could be a major breakthrough in the automobile industry and solve the problems of fuel/ gas prices and charging points across the globe.



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