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Where can I install Solar Panels on my House

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Roofs for Rooftop Solar installation

Planning to install a rooftop solar system? The most important thing to consider whether you have the appropriate roof that can support the PV system and what kind of roofs can be utilised for the installation.

A clear well-lit roof is a prerequisite for installing a rooftop solar PV system. Make sure there are no huge trees around your apartment that would obstruct the amount of sunlight falling on the PV system. The thumb rule is any house facing south is the best for rooftop installation. West or east facing are also good. Both residential and commercial properties like retail stores, malls, office buildings, schools, government offices, hospitals etc can be used for a rooftop solar installation. Inclination of the solar panels on the rooftops is another important consideration.

Another important thing to consider is the condition of the roof. If the roof needs any renovation it should be done before installing the rooftop system since the panels are going to stay there for 25-30 years. You can install a rooftop system either individually if you are the owner of the entire house, or even look at community solar wherein you can pool resources and collectively get a rooftop system installed on a residential apartment.

Installing rooftop PV system over your window shade

As the name suggests the roof of a house or a building is the best place to have your PV system installed, as it is exposed to the maximum to the sun. However, if you stay in an apartment/ residential society you can even use your window shades as your rooftops. The image below depicts how elegantly one can convert his window top into a rooftop PV system.

window rooftop

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Solar panels can be installed anywhere even on roads. Any rooftop big or small can be used for installing a solar system. Your parking lot area, area around swimming pool can also be utilised for installing solar panels. You can also use BIPV technology to generate electricity. Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is integrating of photovoltaic modules into the building envelope such as roofs or windows. These solid-state devices are used to replace conventional building materials to generate electricity out of sunlight. They also help in saving the amount of money spent on building materials and labor that would normally be used to construct the part of the building. If you have a house you can use most parts of it to generate energy by adding solar power.

Read more about BIPV modules here.


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