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How to convert a normal inverter into a Solar Inverter

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Solar Conversion Kits in India

In my post yesterday, I discussed about the best solar inverters to use for rooftop installation in India which made me to think what if I already have an inverter. Can’t I use it on my rooftop solar system to save costs? Remember solar inverter constitute approximately 25-30% of the total system’s cost, so a decision needs to be made wisely. The answer to the question is yes! I can use a normal traditional inverter on my rooftop by using a conversion kit. The main difference between a solar inverter and a normal inverter is the presence of solar charge controller and some switching circuits in a solar inverter. However I will need another component that will convert my traditional inverter into a solar inverter.

The different leading solutions available in the Indian market are:

1) SuKam Solarcon conversion device – Sukam’s Solarcon has been designed to serve this purpose. It is a smart device that can convert any ordinary inverter into solar power system. This device can easily be connected to the ordinary inverter and battery system in one’s home.


Once sunlight fall on solar panels, DC power is generated and charges the batteries. This power is converted into AC electricity through inverter and the house is supplied with power during the day time. It intelligently switches to the main supply, when the sun is down without any manual intervention.

Solar Panels –> Solarcon –> Batteries –> Inerters –> Home

This is how the energy flows

Solarcon also regulates the charge in the battery, by disconnecting solar power when the batteries get fully charged. Solarcon comes with solar panels and has an LCD which displays important data like if the mains is on or if solar is working, and how much money you are saving.

Read more about Sukam Inverters here.

2) Tata Solar Sunjeevni – Very apt for small business or your home or 600W of load. Can run the load upto 3 hours once charged. Very compatible with any battery and inverter and comes with a standard warranty of 2 years. It also comes with 4- 150 W solar panels. This product is available in four versions, with different supportive battery capacity 40-60Ah, 75-120 Ah (x2), 120-200 Ah and number of solar panels.

3) Luminous Solar Retrofit Solution – also converts conventional inverter to solar system. It can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of PV modules and can be upgraded to a higher version too. It comes with an LCD display, Four operational mode selection – auto, manual, charger or fully solar. It comes with different system rating – 12Volt/20Amp, 48V/50Am, 96V/50Am and 120V/50Am.

Cost of Conversion kits

Important to note here is there is not much relief either you buy a solar inverter or a solar conversion kit. A typical solar inverter from Sukam costs around INR 14000. You can buy it on significant discounts from online sellers. A Solarcon package can cost anywhere from INR 10,000 to Rs. 50,000, depending on the capacity and size of solar panels. Remember in case of Sukam, you will also have to buy panels alongwith the kits. However conversion kits give you an option not to buy an additional unit and grants you the flexibilty of using your traditional inverters.


Sneha Shah

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  1. Vivek vyas

    But the main function of solar inverters is to start using battery nd generate AC power once batteries are fully charged.
    Will these conversion kits help doing that?
    Else these kits will behave more like charge controllers

  2. Sneha Shah

    Hi Vivek,

    The main advantage of using these conversion kits are You make huge savings on electricity bill and get to charge the batteries even during powercut and ofcourse go green! so basically they are conerting a normal battery and inverter setup into a solar system. They come with a solar panel too.Yes they will protect the batteries from over charging and when batteries are drained these kits use solar to get charged first.

  3. Santosh

    Dear Sneha, we want to buy Solar Converter for our home inverter(850VA). Please suggest cheaper Solar retrofit solutions other than above mentioned ones as these are costing higher than my budget.

  4. Sneha Shah

    Dear Santosh,

    Thank you for writing to us. However currently I am unaware of any other cheaper solutions. There must be some Chinese ones available, however I am not sure.

  5. Sarosh

    I have luminous invertor how to convert to solar invertor and what is cost but I have only less sunlight and want very small electronic item to run

  6. soumya sahoo

    Hi Sneha, I want to buy sukam solarcon 12V/20A, however it is not available in market. Can you help me??

  7. Sneha Shah

    Yes, Soumya

    I will connect with you.

  8. Prashant

    Hello Sneha,

    I heard Solar panels are coming with 30 years performance warranty. is it true ?
    Is there any solar plant in India, which has survived for more than 25 years ?

  9. Sneha Shah

    Hi Prashant,

    Generally heard about 25 years. Although some manufacturers do mention 25-30 years. Only time will tell if these companies will survive for more than 25 years. That’s why go for brands you trust in India (eg. Tata) and Tier 1 companies from China (Trina, Jinko etc.