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Solar Rooftop could explode with Google’s Sunroof

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Update on Google Sunroof

Google Sunroof project is rapidly gaining traction in the US market, having reached 20 US metro markets in January 2016, from merely 3 cities when launched in August 2015. Currently the project has expanded to reach 42 states, with the aim of reaching all 50 states in the near future. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) with its GIS technology can assess quickly whether going solar makes economic sense for an individual home or not. It analyses various aspects such as cost of the electricity, the area available and the subsidies by the government, and calculates the return over the 25 year life of the rooftop system.

USA Solar Rooftop market is growing

The USA solar market is expected to reach 16GW installations in 2016, with all utility, residential and commercial segments experiencing growth. This will be a 119% increase from the previous year, as per SEIA.

Google has been an innovator in the field of technology whether we talk about its wide internet reach, self-driving cars, virtual reality glasses. With this project, Google gives the liberty to a potential consumer to analyse the prospects of going solar, by simply inputting their house address. There are various options for a consumer to do a cost benefit analysis vis-à-vis their electric bill details. Google Sunroof project also provides a list of installers whom the potential consumers can contact for a possible rooftop installation. Looks like a one-stop solar rooftop shop for interested customers.


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Google has been playing a phenomenal role in the technology industry with products like Google Maps, Android and Google Apps having radically changed the shape of the Technology sector. With Google stepping directly into the Solar rooftop market, it might be a game changer. The installers listed on Google’s Sunroof project can be assured of quality leads and the potential customers are also assured about the installers, since Google’s credibility is on the line. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Sunroof could pose more hurdles for top Rooftop installers in USA

With solar power rapidly gaining the much awaited popularity, it could be a good chance for Google to leverage from the double digit growth of solar in the US market. However it might be threatening for consultancy firms who will not a stand a chance to compete with Google, given its high technical expertise and large scale. For major US installers like SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) and Sunrun (NASDAQ:RUN) who have already made a huge investment towards customer acquisition, spending more to get on Google’s installer list might not make much economic sense. Note these companies are already suffering a great deal with the changes in net metering policy of various US states.

Google Sunroof in India

In my opinion Google should consider launching this project in India, to tap the potential rooftop installation growth in the country. India’s need for power will increase with each passing year and the government is focusing on solar energy which could be the only viable green option for the country to lower its energy expenditure.


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