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Life is Weird – Story of an Unemployed Professional

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Life is weird isn’t it? I am sure we have all faced a situation in our life, where we fail to understand or reason why it happened – either good or bad? Sushil Kumar of Motihari didn’t know he would win Rs 5 crores in Kaun Banega Crorepati or Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers would never have thought of going bankrupt. During a certain phase of life we reach a point, where we begin to think about the larger picture of our lives and end up with some stories where reasoning does not hold good.

This led me to wonder about the strange things that keep happening in life, where we cannot find a reasonable answer to the events. Some call it luck, some call it God, some call it stars! But there is something out there that governs all this in our life, which makes me think that we are some kind of characters of a highly complex game just like the Simpsons.

I was at a friend’s place sitting and happily enjoying dosa on a Sunday evening, when the dreaded call came out of nowhere, intimating that he did not have to go to work from tomorrow. He was a dutiful employee and did his stuff right, didn’t he even deserve a decent notice period too. He was just asked to walk out. This one event changed his life totally. Imagine a happy man, content with his life and job enjoying a peaceful Sunday just to end like this.


The market was so bad that finding a job immediately was impossible. He was slowly losing all his confidence. Nine months passed by but there was no call from any organization. Finally he got a call from a company that was ready to take him but at a level junior than his previous one, because he did not possess the relevant experience in this specific field. Till date he is struggling to find a decent position in the industry. Though he is earning his salary and providing for his family, but is he satisfied with his life that is the bigger question….

Miracles do happen in the same way too, when you won’t believe how I was lucky enough to be the chosen one. Do share your mysterious stories here and we shall try to find a reason for the same. You can email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned for another unbelievable but true story of a student in the next weekend.


Sneha Shah

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