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India’s capital city of Delhi set to become the largest market for Solar Rooftop Installations

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Delhi – Rooftop Solar Market

I have propagated the fact that rooftop solar has been receiving a step child-like treatment from the Indian government. The solar pipeline in the country BenQ Rooftop Solar Panelsconsists majorly of grid scale large solar farms, with almost nothing for the rooftop space. The Indian government has set up target of installing 40000 MW of solar rooftops across India by 2022, but not much is done in the real terms. In my last article about rooftop solar in India, I had written that finally the government has taken up to rooftop solar by announcing a budget increase by 730%. The Indian capital city of Delhi has large potential for installing rooftop solar and is set to become the largest market for rooftop installtion in India.

Type of Building Rooftop Potential (in MW)
Residential 1242
Commercial 251
Industrial 377


Rooftop Potential of different types of Buildings in Delhi

Major research and analyst firm Bridge to India have referred to Delhi as being the largest city to benefit from the rooftop revolution. According to the Government of Delhi, the city has the potential to install 2GW of solar generation capacity by 2025. By August 2015, Delhi had installed 7 MW of rooftop solar capacity. The major advantage of solar has been its falling cost and the rising cost of electricity. Solar has already reached grid parity with commercial and industrial tariffs in states of Maharashtra, Kerala and Delhi. The solar irradiation levels in Delhi (5 kWh/m2/day) is also decent enough, when compared to many other cities of the world. According to BTI, 2GW is just 1.6% of the total city’s land.

Of the 700 km2 of builtup space in Delhi, 31 km2 or 4.42% of Delhi’s rooftop space is actually available for PV systems. This much space gives Delhi a geographic solar potential of 2,557 MW.

Source: Bridge To India

The main challenge will be the grid connectivity of rooftop solar. Solar power can be used only during the day time (assuming a scenario without solar storage), thus leading to more reliance on the grid when the night falls. The grid needs to be prepared in a way to handle the extra power demand that would arise from using solar power, otherwise there would be a situation of grid instability. Read here for 4 major factors that could limit Solar Energy Growth in India.

Delhi’s need for power will increase with each passing year, and as per the Delhi Solar Policy (2015-20), solar energy is the only viable green option for the city to lower its energy expenditure. Delhi needs to focus on rooftop solar, given its land-locked location on the Indian map. The largest market for cars in India, will soon lead the country in terms of rooftop solar installations.

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