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Guide to buying Air Purifiers in India

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Important points to consider before buying Air Purifier in India

With rising levels of pollution and increasing threats to health from the diseases caused, people are resorting to air purifiers to breathe in clean air. I recently bought one for my home too. There are ample air purifier choices available in the market today, which really confuses the buyer. The most important consideration for me was of course the price, technology and also the brand reputation, since the filters need to be replaced from time to time and hence should be available in the market. While they claim to be non-hazardous in nature, caution should be exercised while choosing your device, since some technologies might not be very suitable for your health in the long run. For example air purifiers that use UV light or ionisation can bring down your immunity level over some time.

Different technologies used in Air Purifiers:

1)Filters – Filters help to filter out pollutants in the air, especially large particulate matter and heavy pollutants that are present in the Indian air. Generally the purifiers have a HEPA and a carbon filter. However one needs to change these filters from time to time, which will add to expenses.

2)Ionisation – Air purifiers also use the ionisation technique, wherein the charged particles or ions attract the polluting molecules from the air.

3)Nanotechnology – This technology removes nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide and the harmful volatile organic compounds.

Other technologies include ozone generators and UV light radiation to purify the air.

Top Air Purifier sellers in India

1) Sharp Air Purifiers

Sharp air purifiers offer a range of air purifiers specifically for general purpose in homes, offices, restaurants etc and for specialized purpose like in airports, hospitals etc. Sharp uses Plasmacluster ion technology in addition to its active filters to purify the air. The plasmacluster ion technology splits the moisture in the room into positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions, which attach to the unwanted components in the air and help in purification. Sharp thus purifies the air using dual air-purification techniques through ions and filters. Some of the Sharp air purifiers also come with humidifiers that help to maintain air humidity level between 55% and 65%, ideal for human body.

The air purification still takes place within the device itself and not in the room. Furthermore, unwanted particles are not broken down, nor are the cell walls of the micro-organisms damaged in these cases.

Types of Sharp Air Purifiers

For general application:

  • FU-A80E
  • FP-F40E
  • FU-Z31E-W
  • IG-CL1E-W

Prices ranging between INR 14,900-32,900.

For specialized Application:

  1. KC-930E-W
  2. IG-A20E-W
  3. DW-E16FA

Prices ranging between INR 22,900-62,900. You can buy at a further discount on Amazon.

2) Philips Air Purifiers

Philips – Different models offer different combination of features and hence the price varies between Rs.16,000 – Rs. 50,000. All Philips air purifiers come with a HEPA filter. If you suffer from asthma or another breathing difficulty, you may find a HEPA air purifier helpful. Its activated carbon filter is also helpful as the heat used in the process of changing carbon to an “activated” state drives out impurities. In air purifiers, the activated carbon is often combined with other minerals which helps in filtration. Philips also uses VitaShield Intelligent Purification System which is a high-performance air purification technology that combines HEPA and activated carbon filters to reduce the effects of air pollution at home.


  1. AC4025/10
  2. AC4012/10
  3. AC4014/10
  4. AC4072/11
  5. AC4372

Buy this product on Amazon at a further discount.

Also read detailed specifications about Philips Air purifiers.

3) Panasonic Air Purifiers

Panasonic air purifiers primarily uses nanotechnology which is effective in removing odour and bacterias. The company claims to remove more than 99% of PM2.5, virus/ bacteria, allergens. In addition, it also provides deodorization, skin hydration and acts as a house dust catcher. Panasonic air Panasonic air purifier is equipped with composite air filter and Nano-technology deodorizing filter to remove pollutants and odour respectively. The units come with features like child lock, eco mode, light sensor, spot air/ turbo mode, filter life check, auto/ sleep mode etc.


  1. F-PXF35M
  2. F-PXH55M
  3. F-VXF35M
  4. F-PXJ30AHD
  5. F-PBJ30ARD

You can buy these products on Amazon.

4) Eureka Forbes Air Purifiers

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard – The device includes compound filter that combines 3 layers of advanced filter technology using ActiveHEPQ Filter, BreatheSafe Filter and Activated Carbon layer. The air purifier claims to remove airbone pollutants ~0.3 microns in size, odour, various toxic gases and VOC’s. It also generates negative ions which help remove airborne pollutants. Other specifications include advanced sensor technology, air quality monitor, UV light, remote control, multiple fan speeds, sleep mode, timer, fragrance diffuser etc.

Types :

  1. Aeroguard Clean Air Glo
  2. Aeroguard Fresh
  3. Aeroguard Breeze
  4. Aeroguard Mist
  5. Aeroguard Wave

Costs INR 12990-22900.

5) Kent Air Purifiers

Kent – Kent HEPA air purifier are designed to remove 99.9% pollutants like PM 2.5, dust, pet hair, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, cooking and paint fumes, bacteria, virus and other pollutants. It has an inbuilt ionizer and carbon filters. Other specifications include inbuilt ionizer, air quality monitoring, filter change indicator, silent operation.

Kent Ozone Wall Air Purifier is designed for larger spaces like offices, conference rooms, and restaurants, ideal for a room size of upto 400 sq ft. Its Ozone disinfection technology that effectively kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens.


1)Kent Aura Air Purifier – for room size upto 270 sq ft

2)Kent Eternal Air Purifier – for room size upto 377 sq ft

Prices are INR14,500 & 21,500 respectively or you can buy at a further discount on Amazon.


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