e-commerce Wars in India India which is the second largest country on the planet in terms of population has also become the host for the biggest e-commerce and cab sharing wars between global companies and local players. While USA and China has already seen winners in the e-commerce and ride sharing segments, India is still […]

Chinese Make An Entry in Other Solar Segments The Chinese industry is dominating the solar sector by edging out Western and other Asian companies through sheer size and lower costs. It has decimated the whole competition outside of China except a couple of hold outs which are also in severe distress. While solar wafer to […]

The New India Needs No Coal The Indian power industry has seen a massive paradigm change over the last few years with renewable energy particularly solar energy dominating the discourse around new generation. While King Coal still accounts for 60% of the country’s power generation capacity, solar energy is making rapid strides. It is expected […]

USA Solar Market – Installation Numbers and Future The USA solar market has been breaking records as prices have fallen and the government has been strong supporting the sector through subsidies in the form of tax credits. The country installed 4 GW of solar power in just Q3 alone making it one of the biggest […]

Rooftop Solar India In Jeopardy? Promoting rooftop solar energy in India has been very hard for the government despite the central government enacting numerous policies and subsidies to support the segment. The problem is the small scale and support required from a large number of stakeholders such as state regulatory commissions and utilities. Unlike large […]

India To Become 4th Biggest Solar Market The demand for solar panels will increase by a sharp 34% to 77 GW in 2016 powered by massive demand from China as well as low prices that is fueling demand growth in other parts of the world as well. With strong government support, India will become the […]