Large Indian state owned energy companies such as OIL India, IOCL etc. have periodically made small forays into building very small solar energy plants, but they have done nothing much except generate sound bites. India’s largest capital goods company BHEL had made grandiose plans to build a large megawatt solar wafer, cell and panel manufacturing […]

Solar Boom in Haryana Haryana has very little by way of solar installations in a country where solar energy has become the main thrust of the national solar energy policy. Every state is competing with others to attract solar investments and increase the use of solar energy for electricity. The country which saw its solar […]

Concentrating PV Technology Concentrating PV Technology (CPV) is a niche solar technology in which mirrors are used to concentrate sun rays on high efficiency solar PV materials. This technology was supposed to have better potential than other technologies such as solar thermal technology, since it was built on the mainstream crystalline PV technology rather than competing […]

Effects of Anti-Dumping Duties Trade wars are generally counterproductive, as they lead to more losses than gains in general. USA and China have been battling it out in the solar products for around 3 years now, with brutal losses in both sides. It has increased inefficiency and costs on both sides as Chinese producers look […]

Motech – largest Solar cell Maker Taiwanese solar cell maker Motech is set to become the world’s largest solar cell maker, after acquiring United Microelectronics subsidiary (UMC) Topcell through a share swap deal. Note, Taiwanese cell industry has been witnessing a consolidation in recent times, after being hit by US sanctions on Taiwanese made solar […]

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