India’s Solar Fund India has set up a very ambitious solar target of 100 GW by 2022 which would require at least $125 billion in investment. Given that the country is capital starved, many analysts have dismissed this target and said that India would be lucky to meet even half of that target. The main […]

The recent Vibrant Gujarat Summit saw the announcement by SunEdison and Adani Group that they would collaborate in setting up an integrated PV solar panels manufacturing plant in Kutch district in the western most part of the country. It will be a $4 billion investment with parts of the integrated plant coming up before other […]

Infosys Q3 2015 Results Infosys (INFY) is one of the largest software services company in the world based out of India. The company is a bellwether of the Indian software sector and recently came out with a good set of quarterly results. The stock increased by 6% in the Indian markets, as the company surprised […]

India’s Rooftop Solar Subsidy to decrease from 30% to 15% India is set to reduce the subsidy on rooftop solar systems to 15% from the 30% now. This is a sharp cut in capital subsidy by 50% and normally would draw howls of protest from the solar industry. But this has barely been noticed by […]

Fossil Fuel & Solar Energy IHS has come out with a revised demand estimate for 2015, for the global solar demand to be between 53-57 GW. This is much higher than the 50 GW I had written earlier. The reason why I think that the demand in 2015 might be on the lower side (at […]

Solar Electricity at just 6c/kWh The last couple of years have been marked by increasingly lower prices for solar electricity, being bid in various parts of the world. India has seen prices of 8-9c/ kWh, which has drawn gasps around the energy community. The sharp decrease in solar prices and increasing scale of the solar […]