China poised to see $60B in solar revenues The growth of the Chinese solar manufacturing industry has been truly spectacular, ever since the country decided to make solar energy a focus industry in the last 2000s. Massive capital investments through cheap loans and incentives has made China the leader in global solar manufacturing with a […]

India loses WTO case India has lost its fight at WTO to USA, in a case where it has reserved a portion of its large solar procurement contracts for domestically produced solar cells and modules. Note India is not the first country to put in domestic content requirements for large government tenders. Ontario, China, USA […]

TSMC gives up Thin Film The largest Taiwanese semiconductor company TSMC has also thrown in the towel with regards to solar thin film technology. After sinking in more than $300 million of investment and more than 6 years of R&D development, TSMC is going to shut down its CIGS efforts and get out of solar […]