Hanergy Bubble burst Hanergy has always been criticized by us as a massive valuation bubble and now the bubble has burst spectacularly. The company was using a solar technology, which does not have many backers and was purportedly selling this equipment to other shadowy Chinese companies for hundreds of millions of dollars. The solar market […]

GCL Poly plans to sell Non solar business The world’s largest producer of solar wafers GCL Poly is in plans to sell its non-solar businesses such as WTE and cogeneration plants to its parent company for around $500 million. GCL Poly is groaning under a large debt burden, despite being profitable. The company has earlier […]

Funds for Rooftop Solar in India A steep fall in solar projects costs means that solar energy on rooftops has started to become cheaper than grid /off grid alternative power in many segments and regions of India. The traditional electricity in India is expensive and unreliable. Rooftop Solar is becoming more economical and lucrative in […]

Coal plants to promote Solar power The Modi Government has asked the coal power plants to make solar farms more competitive. According to this decision, some of the older coal power plants which are into existence for almost 25 years now, shall be used to establish solar capacity set by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). […]

Azure Power – India Azure Power has slowly and steadily build a reputable name in the solar industry of India. The Delhi based company founded in 2007 has presence in commercial and utility sector. The company has also built medium scale solar power projects in the rural parts of India. Azure Power has presence in […]

Solar Products to see an increase in their pricing Solar product prices which have decreased by an average of 10-15% in the last one year, may see a slight increase going into the year end as demand increases from China, Japan and USA. Even India is becoming a major source of demand with 10 GW […]