Trina Solar’s Growthco Yieldcos by solar companies have been a big success, despite the recent stock market setback. They have allowed solar players like SunEdison and First Solar to lower their cost of capital for funding large solar power projects. They also allow increased access to capital for developing solar projects, as they unlock capital. […]

Yingli Bankruptcy The largest producer of solar panels in 2013 is fast slipping into a point of no return. The last quarterly result of Yingli Green Energy (YGE) saw both its revenues and margins plummet, as the company ran into liquidity issues. Without enough money to buy raw material, the company was forced to do […]

Problems of the Indian Power Sector We have highlighted the problem of India’s regulatory nightmare in the power sector a number of times. Crazy policies and vote catching tariffs have made most of India’s state owned distribution utilities massively sick. Successive governments have given free power to a number of sectors and turned a blind […]

Renewable energy is a relatively new area compared to fossil fuel power, where rapid technology advances and higher costs make it a risky proposition. Investors typically need a higher return from solar investing compared to say a thermal power plant. Stable government policy and regulations are also a prerequisite before investors would put money into […]

Delhi to install 1000 MW of Solar India’s capital Delhi has released a draft solar policy in which the city will install 1000 megawatts of solar energy. Given that the capital’s users pay one of the highest industrial and commercial tariffs, this may not be an unfeasible target. For a large section of the users, […]

Flextronics acquires NEXTracker Solar trackers have been fast gaining traction in recent times in large scale solar utility projects, as they increase the efficiency by 20-40% with a lower percentage increase in costs. The better LCOE of tracker projects makes it a better alternative to plain vanilla solar projects. NexTracker has been one of the […]