The US government now promotes Solar & Wind Energy The USA government has been a laggard in supporting solar and wind power compared to other developed nations such as Germany and Spain. While the 30% investment tax credit has helped fuel solar power growth, there has been no big bang policy of pushing solar energy […]

Solar Panels on Water Solar Power panels installed on water make a lot of headlines these days. Solar power plants were popularized in India when a 1 MW solar power plant was built 2-3 years ago on a Sardar Sarover Nigam canal in the state of Gujarat. The chief minister in that state used that […]

SunEdison shining in India SunEdison has made a very smart power sales deal in India at a power purchase price of Rs 6.49 (~10c/kWh), with one of India’s largest private sector power distribution utilities based out of India’s national capital of Delhi. The deal was stuck for 180 MW of solar power plant with electricity […]

Pakistan is a basket case in terms of infrastructure like most of South Asia. Its citizens and industries to not get power, roads are in pathetic shape and the less said about ports and railways the better. Infrastructure construction is also rife with conflict of interests and corruption. Power is quiet expensive and governments have […]

Chinese solar companies entering India Every major Chinese solar company is trying to establish a beachhead in India with the government increasing its solar capacity target to 100 GW by 2022. Trina Solar, JA Solar have announced big plans to establish solar factories in India. This is not only to take advantage of the “Make […]