India Solar to see new lows India’s solar auctions are seeing lower and lower prices being bid for solar power sales with each passing year. The latest giant 2000 MW auction by one of the states Telangana saw solar prices being bid in the 8.5-9.5c/kWh range. There were 184 bidders for the 2000 MW auction […]

NTPC to build solar plant in India India’s government owned companies have never been good investments. The main reason is that profit maximization has never been their main objective, but they have mainly been used by the government and its ministers for their own personal reasons. They are highly corrupt organizations with many minsters and […]

Nuclear Energy – Japan Japan is an extremely fossil fuel resource poor country similar to the likes of India and South Korea. It needs to import billions and billions of dollar in coal, oil and gas every year to run its economy. The country’s leadership realized the problem of energy security early enough and invested […]

Rooftop Solar India Distributed rooftop solar generation in India has been the poor cousin of utility scale solar power generation in India. Most government solar auctions, subsidies and incentives have gone to utility scale projects to scale up the power capacity quickly. Rooftop solar has been mostly been given token support by the government. But […]

Can Solar replace Utilities Solar installations have been increasing at a massive pace. All the countries worldwide are resorting more and more to solar for their power needs. The US government has been punishing its coal industry and laying more emphasis on other cleaner renewable energy for generating power. Countries like China have also realized […]

China Slowdown China’s economy is slowing dramatically it seems. Though the GDP numbers from the government indicate a 7% plus growth, the other indicators show that the growth is far less. Industrial growth is starting to show a decline, while the services growth which was growing rapidly will also reverse (given the stock market bust). […]