India Real Estate India’s real estate market has seen price stagnation over the last one to one and half years as buyers have disappeared from the markets, given the stratospherically high prices of apartments and villas. The real estate bubble which is sustained based on constantly rising prices, has seen one of its most fundamental […]

China Solar Panel marketshare increases to 70% China has increased its dominance in the global solar industry, with the marketshare of its domestic solar panel makers now at 70%. Its marketshare of wafers is even greater at 76%, as the Chinese firms dominate all parts of the solar supply chain. The only part where it […]

Hello readers, Just wanted to share that we got featured in Globe & Mail, a leading Canadian national newspaper.   Thanks for all your support

RPO to increase to 8% in India India’s government is thinking of increasing its solar renewable purchase obligation target from around 3% to 8%, in order to push energy consumers to increase their consumption of green energy. India has a target of generating 15% of its electricity consumption from wind, solar, biomass and small hydro […]

Updated on: 2nd June 2016 List of Solar Panel/ Module Manufacturing Companies in India 1) Tata Power Solar Headquartered in Bangalore, Tata Power Solar has a 200 MW and 180 MW of module and cell manufacturing facility located in Bangalore. The company is engaged in manufacturing and EPC services. The company is trying to increase […]

Hypersolar Hypersolar Inc (HYSR) is an electric utility company that produces renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Santa Barbara, California. It is a micro-cap company with $10.5 million market value, working in a niche technology of producing green hydrogen. Recently the state of California mandated […]