Italy stops solar subsidies Italy has become one of the first countries to stop solar subsidies almost completely. This came after the country received over 50 billion euros of investment in the last 5 years to set up 17 GW of solar energy capacity. The country saw huge growth in solar energy as its generous […]

Hanergy Valuation can be a bubble Chinese company Hanergy has been making waves in the last 3-4 years by buying western solar thin film solar companies in distress. They bought Miasole, Alta Devices, Solibro etc. when these companies were on the brink of bankruptcy. The relentless cost reductions by the mainstream silicon solar panel technology […]

China weak in Poly China is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar cells and panels, with almost 50% of the world’s capacity if not more. The country’s major solar companies like Jinko Solar, JA Solar etc. are the world’s top 10 module makers and shippers. The enormous cost cuts in solar power in the last […]