SolarCity down, good time to buy We have been having quite successful last week in terms of our short and long calls in solar energy. One of our favorite all time shorts SolarCity finally fell near its all-time lows. The stock which is linked to Elon Musk and Tesla saw its stock price decline by […]

China Solar & Wind Power Update The world’s largest solar market accounting for almost 30% of the global demand is all set to cut its solar tariffs by 6% next year and will keep cutting in increments till 2020. The same will apply to wind power as well, since the country is facing a deficit […]

Slow growth in Wind Power in India Despite wind power being set a target of 50 GW by 2022, which implies an annual run rate of ~5 GW every year, wind power is not growing at all in India. Wind power in India is projected to remain flat at around 2-2.5 GW every year going […]

Low Solar Tariffs a challenge for Indian producers The massive competition in the Indian solar power sector has led to extremely low tariffs being bid during recent solar auctions. The Rs.5/kWh rate has made it extremely tough for the large mainstream utilities to bid, given that these companies do not have solar energy as their […]