IPO of a Chinese Solar company in USA A Chinese company plans to do a $300 million IPO in USA. The company known as Solar Power Inc. (what an inventive name) started operations in 2015 and its main business model is to build solar power plants using a crowd sourcing model. The business is based […]

Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell, Total and others are being alleged to have suppressed information related to climate change and funding studies and researches, which debunked global warming and climate change. These giant organizations make hundreds of billions of dollars in profits every year through oil and gas sales. Their massive empires would come under threat, […]

Solar booming at 2015 end The last quarter of 2015 is proving to be a great one for solar manufacturers. Massive increase in demand driven by countries like China and USA is pushing up their revenues and profits. Most large manufacturers such as Trina Solar, First Solar etc. are sold out for the next year […]

The Solar Revolution in India Indian solar prices have made a new record low at just 7 cents/kWh. This happened after intense competition led to prices falling below the Rs 5/kWh threshold, after SunEdison managed to win all 500 MW of capacity in a tender put out by India’s largest utility NTPC. Recently Sky Power […]

Coal India into Solar? Coal India is one of the world’s largest miners of coal, thanks to its position as the monopoly miner in India. The company has decided to jump in to the solar bandwagon and plans to set up 1000 MW of solar power plant capacity in India. The government of India has […]

Retail investors are generally considered as dumb money while the institutional investors are considered as “smart” money, but apparently this wisdom has reversed in India’s IPO market. Merchant bankers are pricing primary issues at exorbitant valuations, hoping to take advantage of India’s bull market. Tons of IPOs have been floated at high valuations. Most of […]