Monocrystalline is catching up to Multicrystalline technology Monocrystalline silicon panels have long played the little brother role to multicrystalline solar panels, as their higher costs made consumers prefer multicrystalline solar panels. While monocrystalline solar panels have higher efficiency, their prices are higher. The biggest mono producers such as SunPower and Panasonic have also positioned themselves […]

China is planning to increase its 17.3 GW solar capacity target in 2015 by another 5 GW, as many solar plants are facing issues in getting grid connectivity. The country is also planning to increase the annual quote to 20 GW till 2020, with an aim of installing 150 GW of solar by that time. […]

Yieldco Valuation The yieldco prices have fallen drastically in the last few months, due to the energy sector meltdown that has taken place in the stock markets. Not only yieldcos, but renewable energy stocks have also taken a major battering. This has led many of the yieldco sponsors to curtail the project dropdowns and halt […]

The Indian distribution utilities which are mainly owned by the state governments have been perennially sick, due to the misguided policies followed since a long time. Electricity is a dole which political parties give to the electorate for winning votes. Free power to farmers and extremely low tariffs for the weaker sections have ruined the […]

Solar Costs declining fast in USA It is not a revelation that solar power prices and equipment costs have been dropping sharply over the last 5-6 years all over the world. But the quantum of the drop is a big surprise to almost everybody. A recent NREL study has found out that the solar PPA […]

SunEdison cuts jobs and cancels Acquisitions SunEdison has been powering ahead in the last one year as the biggest pure play renewable energy developer, buoyed by the success of its successful yieldco listing and incredible growth in its pipeline of solar projects. It has been gaining success in different geographies and showing great revenue growth. […]