Solar Frontier expanding outside of Japan Solar Frontier is the only major thin film solar company with a > 1 GW capacity other than First Solar. The other thin film panel companies have either gone bankrupt, or sold themselves for pennies to the dollar. They have been unable to compete with the sharply falling costs […]

Monocrystalline Technology Monocrystalline technology is starting to become more competitive with multicrystalline technology as we are emphasizing in Greenworldinvestor. The new PERC technology shows better effects in mono panels as compared to multi panels. This has led to increased interest and investment into this technology. Longi Silicon has been the champion of this technology movements […]

Dubai’s IInd Phase of Solar Park Project Dubai made news all over the world with the 5.4 cents/kWh PPA that it signed with Saudi Arabian company ACWA Power, for its 100 MW phase 1 solar park. The tender then had received good response with 45 bidders bidding to get this project. This competition had led […]

Solar Component prices Rise Solar component prices are showing a slight increase after a very long time of declining. The last time prices increased was in last 2011, when the German FIT change led to a massive surge in demand which could not be met by the capacity at that point of time. Since then […]

Real Story of an Indian Farmer We have been long writing about the plight of the Indian citizens in this country. Whether it is any department, the red tape and corruption in the government offices makes the already cumbersome process of getting a work done, more difficult. Though the government talks about its ambitious solar […]

Global Unemployment Unemployment is a major problem for both India and the world and has been repeatedly stressed in our blog over a long period of time. The problem is becoming worse by the day, with more and more young people looking for jobs even as the market shrinks. An IMF report stresses the huge […]