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5 Important Factors to consider before buying a Solar Panel

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Points to remember before buying a Solar panel

I frequently get questions from my readers regarding “Which solar panel should I choose?  Which panels are the best?” Though it is difficult to choose one amongst the variety of solar panel brands available in the market today, you can surely narrow down your search to three or four best suppliers suiting your needs.

Solar energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source that has recently gained immense popularity. With increasing awareness about reducing carbon footprints and saving on energy costs, people are turning towards solar panels to fulfill their energy needs. However, buying a solar panel isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. With numerous options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

Here is a step-wise guide you should consider before buying a solar panel. Though there are many other small factors as well, I have only listed the five Solar Rooftop Panelsimportant ones.

1) The first step is for you to decide your Requirement. Do you need solar panels for residential, commercial, lighting, or for industrial purposes? All solar panels specifically mention their applications. Depending on it you can narrow down your search. Another requirement is space. You need to have sufficient space for the installation of solar panels. Also, consider the orientation and tilt of the panels to maximize their efficiency.

2) Next you should compare the efficiency and power output of the panels shortlisted. By Efficiency, I mean the rate at which the panels can convert solar energy into power. The panels with higher efficiency will be better because you will require a lesser number of them to generate the same amount of power as is generated from a higher number of low-efficiency panels. This will also save the area of panel installation. Good quality panels have an efficiency of ~20%, but generally, you get 14-18% efficient panels. In general, choosing a panel with a high-efficiency rating is a good idea, but also one that fits your specific needs and budget. A solar panel with a higher efficiency rating will be able to produce more electricity. It may have a lower overall cost per watt, resulting in a better return on investment.

3) Power output is the DC current that the panels produce. The panels with higher power ratings are better. Generally, the power rating is 200-350W on the panels. Assess your energy consumption to determine the size of the solar panel system you need. This will help you choose the required panels and their total power output.

4) Another very important factor to keep in mind is the Manufacturer’s Credibility. It is important to see whether the brand you are buying is bankable or not, its history, experience, its annual performance, etc. In other words, will the company still survive to serve its 25 years of panel warranty? It would help if you always go for reliable brands, but it is difficult since many new companies have gotten into the panel manufacturing business. Make sure the manufacturer offers a warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions. This is important because repairs can be costly. And if you ever need solar repairs in Australia, contact reputable ones with sufficient experience. 

5) Cost is definitely an important factor to consider while installing panels. After you have assessed the efficiency and power output of the panels, you would be able to calculate the number of panels required, based on your daily consumption of power. Hence you can calculate your total cost based on the per-watt cost of a solar panel. Generally in India, the price is Rs.35 per watt, after the decline in the prices of solar panels.

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