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Tata Solar Panel Review – Types, Applications, How to buy

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Tata Solar Panel Review India

Tata Solar is a tier 1 bankable module manufacturer with 25 years history in India. It has one of the biggest and oldest solar panel manufacturing operations in India, having commissioned 175 MW of EPC projects, 43 MW of solar rooftop projects and exported 600 MW of modules till date. Tata Power Solar has a 200 MW and 180 MW of module and cell manufacturing facility located in Bangalore. Backed by the TATA group, one of the oldest industrial houses in India, Tata Solar is engaged in manufacturing and EPC services. Tata Solar has presence in industrial, commercial, both on-grid and off-grid solar projects and residential segments. Tata Solar is also the best solar lighting provider in India, given the brand name and in-house manufacturing of solar components. It has a range of Solar Lighting Solutions as well.

Given below are the types TATA Solar panels and applications

I. Standard Solar Modules: These modules comprises of TP and TS series, useful mainly for residential and commercial applications

Applications – Rooftop and utility scale projects

1) TP Series – They are robust and strong to withstand high wind and snowSolar Panel

i) TP 250 –

  • 60-cell multi-crystalline
  • Wattage ranging from 240Wp to 260Wp
  • 10 years product warranty and 25 years power warranty
  • Power output ranging 172.8-187.2 W
  • withstand snow loads of up to 5,400 Pa
  • positive power tolerance of up to 5W

ii) TP 300

  • 72-cell multi-crystalline
  • Wattage ranging from 280Wp to 305Wp
  • 10 years product warranty and 25 years power warranty
  • Power output ranging 201.6-219.6 W
  • withstand snow loads of up to 5,400 Pa
  • Positive power tolerance of up to 5W

2) TS Series – economical choice, designed for moderate environmental conditions

TS 250 –

  • 60-cell multi-crystalline
  • Wattage ranging from 235Wp to 250Wp
  • Power output ranging 169.2-180 W
  • 10 years product warranty and 10 year  90% / 25 year 80% power warranty

II. Speciality Modules

Applications – Indoor & outdoor lighting, street lighting, remote telecom sites and standalone systems for homes in remote locations, offshore installations and lighting billboards

1.Gold – Wide range of Tata Solar Gold series modules include the following: 10, 20, 37, 40, 50, 55, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100, 125, 130, 150 and 190 Wp.

  • Multiple configurations (36, 48 and 72 cells)tata solar
  • Wattage ranging from 10Wp to 190Wp
  • Mono and multi-crystalline cells 125mm and 156mm
  • 5 years product warranty and 10 year 90% / 25 year 80% power warranty

2.Platinum – Wide range of Tata Solar Platinum series modules include the following: 5, 6, 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 37, 65, 74, 80, 100, 125, 150 and 190 Wp.

  • Multiple configurations (36, 48 and 72 cells)
  • Positive power tolerance of up to 10%
  • Wattage ranging from 5Wp to 190Wp
  • Mono and multi-crystalline cells 125mm and 156mm
  • 5 years product warranty and 10 year 90% / 25 year 80% power warranty

If buying from Indian Solar Panel manufacturers, Tata Solar should be a good option since it is amongst the oldest in the country and also has its parent TATA Group’s support, it becomes a bankable brand in India. Also it offers a wide range of panels for residential, commercial and indoor and outdoor lighting system. I think it will be the company to serve the 25-year service warranty that comes with its panels. The company also provides other solar products like solar water pump and heater. You can buy Tata solar panels through a dealer,  buy Tata Solar online or directly from the company.


Sneha Shah

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  1. Amit

    The parameters considered here are very very basic and does not reflect true quality of panels. Some of the important factors like anti refractive coating, PID free performance, reliability test performance are missing while evaluating solar panels. This article would have made more sense if it was evaluated by a person who understand silicon properties in detail and evaluated all the panel manufacturers around the world. Compare these panels with SunPower, Yingli or CNPV and then we can see where they actually stand.

  2. Sneha Shah

    Hi Amit,

    I was reviewing Tata on a standalone basis. Many of these international brand do not have a visibility of how to buy them in INDIA. i have many readers who are interested in buying these brands, but do not know where to buy them especially in retail quantities. I do understand that they are many other factors to consider while buying solar panels and this is where I invite comments and reviews from my readers and also the people who deal with these panels practically. That way we will be able to provide a comprehensive analysis of how good a panel is. Hope you understand my point here. Looking forward to more such comments from you and also encouraging you to provide your insight as well. Thanks

  3. J P MEENA

    I want to instal solar plant at my residential. Please let me know how much the cost. Also, it is also requested that I am a farmer and having some agricultural land. For the same I am using 30HP submersible pump set. As you know, we have electricity problems day to day. Therefore, I also intend to install a solar plant for the same. Kindly, give me details/information/approximate cost for the same to install the solar plant for both.

  4. Jeyaseelan

    Hi Sneha,
    I am kind of interested in renewable energy, to start with thinking of installing solar panel in my roof. The size of the area available is roughly 400 sq ft. How much would it cost to install the panel in such area? Will it be worth my investment? How much easy or difficult to get subsidy from government?. My target is to get 10 units of electricity everyday.

  5. Sneha Shah

    Hello Jeyaseelan,

    By 10 units you mean watthours (wH) or kilowatthours (kWh)? Depending on your area, I think you will require 66 solar panels (if the standard size of 6 sq feet for each panel is taken)

  6. Sneha Shah

    Hello JP Meena,

    Please be specific about your power consumption. How many and for how much time do u use fans, lights daily at your home and what is the power rating of your pump? That will help in the calculation of panels required.

  7. Jeyaseelan

    Thank you for the details, The unit I meant is nothing but the unit calculated by TNEB I think it is kWh. Please provide me the approximate cost in rupees.

  8. pramod ranjan arora

    Tata claims that its modules are among the best modules in the world. It also advice not to purchase cheap modules available in the market, since the quality is poor. Now a days the modules are available in the market in rage of Rs. 18-20 per watt. Now, therefore, it is difficult to choose the right module. My question is how to select the module from the market.

  9. saurav gupta

    I belong to Kolkata …..
    please suggest me genuine dealers in my city….

    also if possible I am interested in venturing into this businesses with bank loan and government support….

    please suggest me genuine dealers

    can e..mail me genuine dealers links

  10. Sneha Shah

    Hi Saurav,

    Vikram Solar is a big solar reputed company in Kolkata

  11. Mohammad Shaheen


    what is the price for TP-300 (310 W) solar module?

    and do they have inverters ? what are the prices?

    thank you ..

  12. Patrick Biglane

    Hi Sneha,

    I was wondering if you could send me pictures of your manufacturing facility for solar hot water panels. I live on the East Coast of the USA (New York), and I am looking for a low cost supplier for these panels.

  13. Venkita Giri R

    I have Tata roof top 1kW solar power unit installed. The service support is very poor. It takes about 4 weeks to get a technician to attend to repairs. The pity is that it goes bad often. Tata is buying cheap modules from the market and install them in our homes imagining that the customer will not know about it. A large number of customers are being cheated by them. A forum is badly needed to express the opinion of the customers in India.

    A large number of charge controllers are sold as MPPT charge controllers even though they are not functioning like an MPPT controller.

  14. shalabh

    dear maam,

    we are absolutely ignorant about costing of the project. I donot have the knowhow about individual component merits and demerits. Can you advise me the economical and best deal on only one Indian company for each component like panel, inverter, wiring, converter and framing structure. can you discuss with you on e mail in this regards