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Corruption in your Face – India suffers from blatant breaking of rules in corporate cronyism

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Corruption In India

Indians have to deal with blatant corruption in their faces every day, as political parties indulge in shameless looting of billions of dollars every year. This is not isolated to one party but all mainstream political parties and their corporate cronies are responsible. Some industries like real estate, telecom, liquor etc. which are heavily regulated by the government are more prone to corruption. These monopolies generate vast rents for the politicians and their associated business entities. In fact some of the biggest corporate names in India such as Sun TV etc. have reached their current business heights by building on their political associations.

Some of them like Wave Group have become billion dollar entities by constantly bribing and snoozing with political parties. The Wave Group has made billions in real estate and by cornering liquor licenses in some of the largest states in India. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that the Wave group is massively corrupt but no one can do a thing about it. The Group is not a shadowy figure but is making a huge mall in one of the upcoming cities of India. Similar is the case with other robber baron business groups either run by a political party or by paying vast sums of money as patronage.

Tamil Nadu is another state which sees massive corruption by two major regional parties DMK and AIDMK. Both parties are totally seeped in corruption and arrogance. The whole liquor and cable TV monopolies are controlled by the parties in power. They dole out licenses and factors to their favored businesses blatantly. Earlier the DMK government made it impossible for any of the major cable national companies to operate in the state, with the Sun TV cable company dominating. Similar is now the case with the liquor license. The monopoly marketer TASMAC now buys liquor from an AIDMK controlled liquor manufacturer, while top national companies such as USL cry foul in their national annual reports.

Nothing comes out of corruption investigations. Earlier DMK ruled politicians wreaked havoc with India’s telecom industry through massive scams. The kingpins and queen pins like Kanimozhi are out free enjoying life after spending a few months in jail, as India’s lethargic judicial system fails to punish the guilty. This only emboldens more people to operate massive scams. Despite these corruption scandals being run openly and public money loot happening, nothing gets done. This continuously erodes faith in India’s legal system and constitution as powerful people freely violate laws.


Why TASMAC and its inner workings have never really been exposed is possibly due to the unsaid code among politicians — live and let live. Both DMK and AIADMK leaders have close associates running distilleries and breweries. During a DMK regime, the DMK’s associates are favoured but the AIADMK associates are not completely wiped out — vice versa in the AIADMK regime.


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