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Could Haryana see a mini solar boom as government makes solar panels mandatory for almost everyone

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Solar Boom in Haryana

Haryana has very little by way of solar installations in a country where solar energy has become the main thrust of the national solar energy policy. Every state is competing with others to attract solar investments and increase the use of solar energy for electricity. The country which saw its solar demand plummet by almost 30% last year, is set to see a strong rebound this year. The highest ever solar installations in states such as Rajasthan and AP outdo each other by doing gigawatt deals. The central government has already sanctioned thousands of crores to promote giant solar parks, solar canals etc.

Now Haryana has joined the solar party, with the government starting to implement its solar policy which was notified in September 2014. The new order makes it mandatory for all buildings with size greater than 500 sq. yards to install solar panels. They would have to install a minimum of 1 kW or 5% of their power requirements whichever is higher. This would lead to a giant rush in small rooftop solar installations as every building has to complete this order by September 2015. Even assuming that there will be delay, I think this could easily lead to a sale of 50 MW of solar power systems in the small space.

This would not lead to a big increase in absolute installations but would help turbo charge the rooftop installation space, which has not seen much traction as most subsidies have been given to large ground mounted solar installations. The total rooftop market in the country cumulatively has been just 125 MW. Haryana could become the pioneer in the small rooftop space with this initiative. I think there will be troubles as the state does not have an established net metering policy and the rooftop EPC market is not well developed.

Also the government has made the 30% capital subsidy on first cum first serve basis, which makes no sense. This would lead to corruption and more problems than solutions. However, it is a good beginning for solar power in India where a state is starting to focus on distributed solar power instead of giant solar farms.

As per the new HAREDA Act:

State shall promote installation of small capacity roof top grid connected Solar Power Plants on the roofs of Industries, public and private Institutes, schools, colleges, commercial institutions/establishments, Charitable Trust Bhawans, Hospitals and residential buildings etc. for their captive use and for sale to power utilities. Apart from 30 % capital subsidy available to Solar Projects under MNRE schemes, the State DISCOMS shall procure the solar power generated at a fixed feed in tariff. During the tenure of this policy, State shall install aggregate 50 MW capacity of roof top grid connected Solar Power Plants.

The building owners shall also be encouraged to install the small capacity rooftop solar power plants (5KW to 100KW) at their own cost on net metering basis. The power generated shall be used by building owner as captive use and if any surplus power is generated than it shall purchased by DISCOMs of Haryana on the tariff fixed by HERC for roof top SPV power plants (the grid connectivity near the solar installation to be provided by DISCOMs subject to the condition that the individual building owner is the existing consumer of DISCOMs). The State Govt. shall provide financial assistance @ 40 % of the cost of system to the beneficiaries (including financial incentive being provided by Ministry of Renewable Energy, GOI under JNNSM i.e. if 30% financial assistance is provided by MNRE, than additional 10% shall be provide from green energy fund).


Sneha Shah

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  1. Aman kalyan

    I want a solar system in (damla) yamunnanagar haryana

  2. Manoj Saxena

    I need solar panel system in GURGAON

  3. Sneha Shah

    What is your requirement Manoj?

    Please post in our forum as well

  4. Rahul

    I am planning to setup a 1 MW solar power plant in Haryana. What are the legal formalities, land and budgetry requirement for the project


    Am mukesh mahajan frm Yamunanagar wants 2 install a solar panel upto 3 KW plz tell hw much it costs nd hw much subsidy i get frm solar dept.

  6. Sneha Shah

    Hello Mukesh,

    I am afraid you won’t get any subsidy practically for just 3 kW. The general price of panels is Rs. 35 per watt.

  7. Harender singh

    I am Harender singh i want to set up a 1MW solar power plant at my agriculter land in narwana and iwant full information like land,budgt and consult whome regarding any inqury kindly provide phone no. also

  8. Abhishek

    Ms Sneha. what is the brand of the solar panel you are providing. Rs 35 per wat is only panel or with all installation….

  9. Rajesh Kataria

    Would you guide me for installation of solar power plant on two acre land. Estimated cost of project and who will install, maintain and thereafter who will purchase and rates

  10. Jai Singh

    Dear Sneha,
    I Belongs to Rewari, Haryana district. I have my own land approx 1.25 Acre. I want to use this land for production of solar power. Can you suggest me how and from where i can get details that how much it will be cost and where and how i can sell my product power to Govt. or any company. How much subsidy i can get from state and central government. Please do needful so that i can move ahead and can full fill my dream project.

  11. Amit . S . Gill

    i want to set roof pannal for my house in jagadhri ,, of 3 KV ,,, how much subsity i can get from goverment for this ?

  12. Sneha Shah

    Hi Amit,

    It is very difficult to get subsidy for rooftop home system. Currently the Govt has approved subsidies for rooftop installations on govt buildings

  13. Ravinder

    I want to set solar power plant in my 4 acres in narnaul how much subsidy give by the government

  14. R. Rajagopalan


    In 4 acres of land, you could build a 1 MW plant….this is supposed to be a fair size plant in solar (definitely much bigger than roof tops), and so the amount of electricity that you produce will have to be exported to the Electricity board. For this you need to sign a Power Purchase Agreement (or PPA). As far as I know there are no subsidies for such sizes, the price that the electricity board pays when you sign the PPA is what governs your returns. Good luck

  15. Sneha Shah

    Agree with Mr. Rajagopalan

    Approximately 5 acres of land can be used to build 1 MW solar plant.

  16. Sunil Yadav

    I have 2 acres of land near Mahendergarh which I want to install solar plant in.
    So that the power generated can be sold back to grid, however I do not have any information on what is the process?
    All the links provided by you to other queries on the same lines only give generic informations and not specific as in how to go about it.

    Would you please care to share a detailed note or a link which can provide a definite detailed information on how to go about it, would be very helpful.


  17. Sneha Shah

    Hello Sunil,

    You can either sign a PPA with a utility, but that is difficult since the state utilities now go through tenders. You can sign the PPA with a private party, but for that the state in which your plant is located should have an “open access policy”. Lastly you can sign a PPA with DISCOMs, using average pool purchase cost (APPC) and try to sell your RECs. Please refer to your specific state regulations for more details on the process and policies.

  18. Vikas

    Hi Sneha,

    In solar power plants on own land, what is the percentage of return on capital excluding land, in short term and long term.

  19. Lokesh Datt

    Hi Sneha,
    Plz let me know the PPA tarrif which haryana govt. is offering for a PV plant of 5 MW capacity. or the quote of the last PPA tarriff offered by state govt.

  20. Ravinder

    Hi Sneha,

    I have just got interested in the above topic. I have my own land in Hisar good enough to set up a 1 MW solar system. From the above I understand that cost per KW is Rs 35. Can u please tell me what is the cost at which the Discom would buy this generated power. Also if any subsidies are available from the govt on the capital setup cost and if any subsidiesed loans are available for same. thanks and rgds

  21. sachin kaler

    sir i m sachin kaler
    i want to solar power plant i have 10 acer land
    2km distance power birgade plz tell me about this proceeser
    plz tell me my email id or contact this no. 09729158758

  22. sanjay chopra

    I have solar business village Farmana Rohtak Haryana which I want to install solar system in.
    So that the power generated can be sold back to grid, however I do not have any information on what is the process?
    All the links provided by you to other queries on the same lines only give generic informations and not specific as in how to go about it.

    Would you please care to share a detailed note or a link which can provide a definite detailed information on how to go about it, would be very helpful. what my half haryana govt.