Yesterday I wrote about why I think the solar companies’ performance was fair last quarter (Q3 2014). Now a series of posts will follow, giving the earnings update, the outlook and the major reason on which the particular company’s performance was dependent. Let’s start today with ReneSola (SOL). The company was a pure play polysilicon […]

Reasons for a fair performance in Q3 2014 Most of the solar companies recently updated their Q3 2014 results. The performance in the overall segment was satisfactory. Many companies missed analyst estimates, reduced annual guidance and gave a fair performance. This led to a fall in their stock prices too, in many cases.  Solar industry […]

Effect of Price cuts on Solar & Wind Energy Sector The prices of oil have plummeted. IT is now just $60/ barrel as compared to $100/ barrel in July in USA. Let’s see who all will be affected. Oil is a major driving force behind our lives. The whole transportation and manufacturing industry will surely […]

Japan to overtake China China had a target to install 14 GW of solar power by 2014. However the country has suffered from delays in solar projects currently, while Japan is fast treading towards solar goal of 10.3 – 11.9 GW solar installations. China is currently focusing more on rooftop installations. It plans to have […]

The solar market has become a two track market for solar manufacturers. Some producers are doing extremely well growing both revenues and margins, while others are struggling to survive. Polysilicon sub-segment is seeing this trend in the extreme, as only 10 large poly producers are making large profits while others are going bankrupt. The reason […]

IREDA to finance Solar Energy India’s main renewable energy funding agency IREDA is going to shift its focus towards solar energy as the country has made extremely ambitious plans to install multiple gigawatts of solar energy. IREDA has already raised its equity capital base and is set to increase its funding from different national and […]